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Missouri deputy comes to aid of stuck skunk
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The strength of the series lies in Old West flavor, including awesome Western style music and all the folksy characters we would think of in a Western show — the milkshake saloon owner, the wise old tortoise, the javelina miners Dirty Dan and Dusty, the roadrunner mailman The series' premiere received impressive ratings. On Disney Junior, it received a total viewer record of 1. It was also the 4th series telecasted to attract a 4. The series also received more viewers in p. The series also ranked at the number 1 spot in the Watch Disney Junior App in November, with a total of 23 million video views in its launch.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. She'll moralize and teach good social ethics, but when it's time to jump on a horse and lasso a tornado, she does it.

Broadway World. Retrieved February 24, TV Guide. Sheriff Callie's Wild West. He's the best pal a cowgirl could ever have.. There's nobody closer than a cowgirl and her horse. Episode 1. Look how strong she is.. She's strong alright, strong and stubborn. Season 1. January 24, Disney Jr. Retrieved May 24, Sounds like you!

Retrieved September 29, Disney-ABC Press. Archived from the original on September 23, Retrieved September 2, Son of the Bronx.

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After learning how to play horseshoes , Peck starts to brag about how good he is at horseshoes after he scores a double ringer and starts to rub it in to the other townsfolk on how he is better than them. Because of this, Sheriff Callie teaches Peck how to be a good sport when Sheriff Callie challenges Peck to a game of horseshoes, and beats him at his own game. Sheriff Callie found a large gold nugget when she was mining for gold in the river and planned to use the money from the sale of the nugget it to fix Rickety Bridge.

When the gold nugget disappeared, Peck and Toby came up with the brilliant plan to paint a rock gold and disguise it as Sheriff Callie's gold nugget later. But after both Peck and Toby confessed on losing the gold nugget, they found the missing gold nugget under Peck's hat and learned how it's important to tell the truth at all cost. While on the way to Junctionville with Governor Groundhog for the annual Sheriff's contest, Sheriff Callie takes care of business when three train bandits steal the Golden Star trophy that was destined for a awards ceremony to be awarded for "The Best Sheriff in the State".

Dirty Dan and Dusty argue over which way the iron is when they mine for iron for Mr. Sheriff Callie soon steps in and teaches them to say that they're sorry when they hurt each other's feelings during the argument, but, as they still continue arguing, they both put themselves into serious danger. At the end of the episode, Callie realizes that the Make Ya Strong Shirts don't "make you strong", and then tells Peck and Toby that if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

Toby wants to show the town his new "Cowboy Cactus Kick Step" dance, but Sheriff Callie's getting all the attention because Callie gets sick. Due to this, Toby pretends to be sick just so he can get more attention. But, he discovers that being sick, along with pretending to be sick isn't fun especially if Toby misses the Hoedown Dance because of his so-called illness.

Peck and Toby get to drive the stagecoach when Pecos Pug the regular stagecoach driver is unable to drive it due to an injury that sidelined him for a week, however, they forget to get the important gold shipment that was needed to be delivered to River City while taking a dangerous shortcut through the Scary Prairie trying to avoid Sheriff Callie who Makes Peck and Toby make a mistake for a rough and tough bandit known as the "banjo bandit!

When Dirty Dan says there is no gold in Tricky Mine, he tells Uncle Bun to tell his brother Dusty but when Uncle Bun doesn't pay attention while tending to the other customers in the general store and misinforms everyone that there is gold in Tricky Mine.

Officials confirm rabies in skunk found in Mt. Jackson

Problems arise when Dusty goes mining over at Tricky Mine and is confused and nearly endangers himself. A baby kangaroo rat with a fondness for prairie pickles hitches a ride into Nice and Friendly Corners in Toby's basket and causes total chaos and destruction in town and driving Sheriff Callie crazy while trying to capture him.

Then, Callie later learns by Tio Toturga's patience that being patient is the best way to catch a small pesky critter no matter how long it takes. Peck and Toby want to take a shortcut while herding Farmer Stinky's cattle out of the valley from their summer feeding grounds nearly endangering the cattle and themselves in the process. Sparky feels jealous of the new, fast Iron Horse train which Mr.

Engineer describes as being better than horses and runs off. Later, they rescue Priscilla Skunk after she accidentally touches a lever that caused the Iron Horse to go out of control in a high rate of speed, Sheriff Callie teaches Sparky that no train can replace a trusty horse. While Sheriff Callie is helping Cody deliver his mail, Peck is appointed as the substitute sheriff. However, he goes out of control by putting all the residents of Nice and Friendly Corners in jail for reasons that make little sense and not knowing that an escaped convict named Billy Goat the Kid is ransacking the town stealing the townsfolks' belongings, including Peck's Horseshoe trophy.

When Toby gets a big bump on his nose which he calls Mr. Bump before the first ever town picture, problems arise when the odd, pink bump gets bigger by the minute and there's virtually no way to cover it up until the bump blossoms into a beautiful and "purdy" cactus flower. When Toby spills popcorn and milk on the jailhouse floor, Peck calls him a pinecone. This makes Toby wondering why Peck called Toby a pinecone and sets out in a dangerous quest seeking the answer.

Later, Peck regrets calling Toby a pinecone. Sheriff Callie gets Sparky a "lucky scarf" in hopes that it will improve his racing skills before a big race after he loses his confidence after slipping during a trial run. Peck is trying to eat one of Priscilla's "Belly Sinker Biscuits," Peck pecks at it and bends his beak. Sheriff Callie calls the dentist, Dr. Wolf, but nobody knows Dr. Wolf is the dentist.

He looks scary after a rough stagecoach ride that messed up his hair and when he says that he's going to "straighten out the Deputy," everyone — even Peck himself — is terrified of him. So Toby tries to disguise himself as Peck to lure Dr. Wolf away while Peck looks for Sheriff Callie ending in a disastrous collision between the two. But Peck, Toby and the townsfolk learned to never judge a person in their appearance no matter how they look like. Toby earns money to buy milkshakes from Ella a free cow by promising to keep slave cows tied up for the farmers attending a green bean convention at Red Gap, but fails to keep up with his promise in taking care of his charges.

Priscilla Skunk

Sheriff Skunk book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. If Possum County wasn't the smallest, poorest, and dustiest county in Texas. Sheriff Skunk - Kindle edition by Robert Tacoma. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note.

But Sheriff Callie discovers the real reason why they were stealing Farmer Stinky's corn crop and she and Farmer Stinky helps them out in their time of need. Tired of Clementine's tardiness and slowness, Peck decides to trade in Clementine for a fast horse named Lickety Split as his new ride but gets more than he bargains for because Lickety Split can be very tricky to stop.

The other horses can't go to the slippery mud so Clementine hears Peck's cry and goes to rescue him and Dusty. She successfully rescues both of them and Peck is happy that Clementine saved them slowly but surely. And Peck returns Lickety Split to the owner. Toby decide to use Sheriff Callie's Noodle Lasso without the proper training on how to use it and is abducted by a giant eagle which he accidentally lassoes. After a spaghetti twister roars through town, Peck gets mistaken for a hero for ringing the town square bell.

When Peck saw this, he decides to speak the truth to everyone. When Frida Fox comes to town, Priscilla's jealousy causes her to try riding on horseback like a stunt rider, much like her idol Frida. Soon, she realizes that it's best to be herself and use her expertise in growing beautiful roses after her horseback riding attempt turns out disastrous.

The town folks decide to do favors for Farmer Stinky in order to get some rare prairie peppers.

Unfortunately, there are not enough peppers for anyone.