Red Beet Biotechnology: Food and Pharmaceutical Applications

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Condon, J. Raso, and I. Journal of Food Engineering 60— Lu, X. Wang, and Z. Radioprotective activity of betalains from red beets in mice exposed to gamma irradiation.

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Cheng, H. Many opportunities could also be realized with red beet hairy roots. Betalains: Natural plant pigments with potential application in functional foods. Are you sure you would like to remove these items from your wishlist? Synergistic cytotoxic effect of red beetroot Beta vulgaris L. Ichiishi, T.

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Ilieva, and T. Radical scavenging activity and stability of betalains from Beta vulgaris hairy root culture in simulated conditions of human gastrointestinal tract. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition 43— Pavokovic, D. Rusak, V. Besendorfer, and M. Light-dependent betanin pro- duction by transformed cells of sugar beet.

Plant Betalains: Safety, Antioxidant Activity, Clinical Efficacy, and Bioavailability

Food Technology and Biotechnology — Pedreno, M. Studying the oxidation and the antiradical activity of beta- lain from beet root. Journal of Biological Education 49— Correlation between antiradical activity and stability of betanine from Beta vulgaris L. Pigram, W. Fuller, and L. Stereochemistry of interactions: Interaction of daunomycin with DNA. Nature: New Biology 17— Platt, K. Edenharder, S.

Aberhold, S.

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Biotechnology is a rapidly growing research area which is immediately translated into industrial applications. Although over research papers have. Buy Red Beet Biotechnology: Food and Pharmaceutical Applications on Amazon. com ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

Muckel, and H. Fruits and vegetables pro- tect against genotoxicity of heterocyclic aromatic amines activated by human xenobiotic- metabolizing enzymes expressed in immortal mammalian cells. Mutation Research 90— Pogribny, I. Ross, C. Wise, M.

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